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Stationsstraat 142, 5963

Climate solutions
The world-wide large variation in climate, in relation to the different housing possibilities for animals and crops, demands a correct climate solution. A correct climate solution, to obtain the most optimal environment for the sensible animals and crops, creates the conditions to provide a long term, economical profit. Clima-vision offers the knowledge and services to the existing and expanding agricultural industry, world-wide. Our experience can handle the complete air control in and around buildings, from heating to gear rack systems and motors, from air exhaust ducts to heat exchangers, from fans to complete automation.

The word ‘project’ has a different meaning for everyone and Clima-vision wants to keep it that way. We want to fulfill the needs and demands of the customer. Any combination of products and services can be delivered to complete the projects. An ‘open house’ structure demands a different solution than a fully automatically controlled greenhouse. The customer can choose, with the advice of Clima-vision, to optimize the necessary control of the climate in his buildings. Projects for Clima-vision not only mean the delivery of a product, but also the provision of the necessary management and technical support to use the products properly.

Top proposal
The group of Clima-vision members is a collaboration between independent suppliers of quality systems, all sharing a substantial know-how in the field of climate control and automation of animal production and greenhouses world-wide. The investment in the right climate system is usually relatively low compared to the positive influence on the performance of the animals or crops when malfunctioning. The importance of the right combination of the top products on the market is an (air) art itself. Our specialists of the Clima-vision group know how to propose to our customers the key to success.

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Stationsstraat 142, 5963

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Latitude: 51.4301221 - Longitude: 6.0417495

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