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Avenida De la Llana 123, 08191
Rubí (España)

Dopharma, established in 1969, is an independent Dutch veterinary pharmaceutical family owned company. For over 50 years, beside the production of veterinary pharmaceuticals, the company has also conducted research, regulatory affairs, distribution and marketing under direct management.

Currently, the organisation has approximately 295 employees. It mainly involves production staff, analytical chemists, scientists, veterinarians, laboratory workers, shipping employees, administrators, purchase-, marketing- and sales people.
In The Netherlands, Dopharma delivers directly to veterinarians and through veterinary wholesalers. Here Dopharma Veterinaire Farmaca is market leader in veterinary pharmaceuticals for consumption animals. Our product range covers anthelmintics, analgesics, anaesthetics and vitamin and mineral specialties.

All activities outside our domestic market are managed by Dopharma International and our regional branch offices. An extensive network of exclusive agents and distributors covering approximately 50 countries. Our affiliate offices are located in Belgium, Romania, Germany and Lithuania (Baltic), France and Spain. Our focus is on further development within Europe. 

Area of ​​influence

Address and location

Avenida De la Llana 123, 08191
Rubí (España)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 51.709929 - Longitude: 4.8692862

La identidad de Dopharma:
  • Nuestra visión – Animales sanos, resultados sanos
  • Nuestra misión – Usar nuestros conocimientos para mejorar la salud animal
  • Nuestro lema – Trabajar juntos para lograr el éxito
  • Nuestra esencia – Animales saludables


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