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Kerspel 9, 7642 AP
Wierden (HOLANDA)

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Farmresult is a consulting firm specialized in management information system for agricultural entreperneurs. FarmResult started in 2010 with the purpose to deliver practical management solutions for the poultry sector.
People with expert poultry knowledge and a team of experienced software developers have been brought together to develop state of the art solutions.

FarmResult: because the result counts!

Address and location

Kerspel 9, 7642 AP
Wierden (HOLANDA)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 52.3583626 - Longitude: 6.5896466

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Poultry result

Poultry software


VIV Europe - Stand 9.T001

Poultry result 
Introduce PoultryResult on your broiler farms and increase control over your entire business.
React to situations straight-away with FarmResult’s on-line management system. PoultryResult is connected to leading pr ...

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