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José Celsi Ltda., “FRUTAGRO” es una empresa de tradición familiar, dedicada a la producción agrícola y avícola. • Formada en sus orígenes con la llegada a Chile de José Celsi Andreoli en el año 1896, procedente de Manarola (Italia) a la edad de 6 años, radicándose con su padre y hermanos en Isla de Maipo. • En su época de juventud conoce y contrae matrimonio con...
For over 50 years, hatching has been more than a job for Grelier. It is a passion, the passion for poultry breeding, shared by more than 1 300 staff in France and in Europe. It is a passion, combined with permanent and strict care, quality, hygiene, animal welfare and customers’ satisfaction which, with the passing generations, have allowed Grelier, a family business, to pull itself up to first rank...
Sanovo Technology Group
The SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP comprises five innovative companies: Sanovo, Staalkat, Italproject, Process Solutions and Rame-Hart. The combination of these 5 companies in one global group has allowed us to merge synergies across the board and work with the industries in a united effort to ensure a product range that exceeds what you expect, a performance, you can depend on. All products...
Sogeval, a French veterinary drug company, develops, produces, and markets veterinary products under its own brands and for third-party companies. We provide animal care in three major business lines: livestock, pets, and subcontracting.