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We are a young and dynamic company, dedicated to the commercialization of products for agriculture and industry. We supply flat fabrics for the control of environments and their respective accessories. We also provide covers for the most diverse needs. We are located in Talagante, Metropolitan Region. We invite you to know our catalog...
Faromatics SL is a start-up bringing high tech to livestock production. Through continuous monitoring of animals, our aim is to detect their needs quickly and reliably. Satisfaction of those needs we will help farmers to become more competitive.
WHAT IS SOUL? SOUL® is a new form of packaging for CEMOSA 6 and 12 eggs which will allow you to highlight the most special parts of your range of eggs. Thanks to its striking and different image of round contours, its intense colours corn and moss and its personalised label design, SOUL® guarantees that your product stands out visually on the supermarket shelf. Furthermore, its carefully-studied design...
CMC Industries
CMC Industries is an Italian company specialising in innovative conveyor solutions for the poultry and logistics industries. World leaders in the automatic loading of chicken and turkey, CMC applied over forty years of experience in machine design and construction, and automatic belt transport systems, and applied it to finding the best solutions possible for the logistics sector.
Petersime es el principal proveedor mundial de incubadoras, equipos de planta de incubación, servicios de proyecto plantas de incubación llave en mano. Su distribuidor en el territorio español es INCUMAT, Incubacions i Materials S.L. ubicada en el centro de Barcelona.
Repsol es una de las principales compañías de distribución minorista de GLP en el mundo. Desde Repsol ayudamos a nuestros clientes a elegir, implantar y mantener la mejor solución para sus necesidades, con el objetivo de conseguir la mayor eficiencia energética y optimizar los costes económicos. A través de los 
Empresa de tratamientos de agua con más de 25 años de experiéncia en el sector. Especialistas en sistemas de desinfección del agua. Fabricamos equipos y productos para el tratamiento del agua, y asesoramos a nuetros clientes en la mejor solución Fabricante de DIOXPURE, desinfectante del agua de bebida, certificado en CAAE para uso en agricultura y ramaderia ecológica. DIOXPURE...
ASFAC és l'associació dels fabricants de pinsos de Catalunya, una organització activa i dinàmica que representa els interessos col·lectius dels seus associats, als quals presta diversitat de serveis i accions, fent un treball rigorós i representant-los davant de l'administració pública i altres organismes.  
Transnational Agri Projects bv
Transnational Agri Projects B.V. sells high-quality used slaughtering/processing equipment all over the world. The second-hand slaughtering/processing equipment for poultry, cattle and pig is originally from world-known European manufacturers like: Stork, Meyn, Linco, Haarslev, Krupp, Nijhuis, La Parmentière, Marel and so many more. Transnational Agri Projects B.V. believes that with our high quality...
Inciner8 Limited
Inciner8 are a globally respected manufacturing organisation offering a range of incinerators for all applications in the waste management industry. Founded in 2004 as a specialist poultry incinerator supplier, we gre very quickly and became manufacturers by 2009. Our products are specifically designed with clean air incineration at the forefront of our product development. They are...