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All round detergent for farms and hatcheries

Alkaline cleaner for soaking of surfaces and equipment

Presentation & Packing:
10 litre can; 100 cans per pallet

Broad spectrum disinfectant

Per litre:
61.5 g alkyldimethylbenzylammoniumchloride
58.0 g glutaraldehyde
84.4 g formaldehyde
19.8 g glyoxal
37.6 g isopropanol
Presentation & Packing:
1 litre bottle;12 bottles per carton (13.5 kg – 0.025 m³)
10 litre can; 100 cans per pallet
25 litre can; 32 cans per pallet

Disinfectant for coccidiosis control

Phenol based disinfectant

Presentation & Packing:
10 litre can; 100 cans per pallet

Drinking water sanitizer

50% Stabilised hydrogen peroxide

Presentation & Packing:
10 litre can; 100 cans per pallet

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Producer of veterinary medicines.

Biové: who are we
Laboratoires Biové, located in the North of France, is a veterinary pharmaceutical company, part of the Belgian, privately owned VMD group. The main activities of Biové are the development, manufacturing and distribution in France and on international markets of veterinary medicines, mainly for livestock animals.

Contract manufacturing
Laboratoires Biové offers extensive contract manufacturing services and has four production units for pharmaceutical products: injectable solutions and suspensions, powders, oral liquids, and pet collars. A fifth unit is dedicated to the production of complementary feed.

Professional Pharma Group
The V.M.D.® group is a global veterinary pharmaceutical company, dedicated to research, production and marketing of animal health products. With nearly 80 EU approved medicines in our portfolio, Laboratoires Biové and VMD® are highly appreciated players in the livestock segments.

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