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9. Cd Organize Sanayi. Bölgesi Cadde No 5, 26110
Eskişehir (TURQUIA)

ALTINBİLEK, was founded by Kadir Bilek in 1974 as a machining workshop. It carried out its manufacturing activities in accordance with market demands in time.
Now, it is carrying out its production on an outdoor area of 22.000m2 and an indoor area of 10.000m2 at Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone.

Its manufacturing range consists of grain handling and storage systems,feed machinery, mixers, grindig machinery, cereal silos, flour silos, wheat silos, bran silos,semolina silos, temper silos and their accessories.
It has been creating solutions for grain storage systems for a long time.

Many large scaled turn-key grain storage plants of Turkey and world have been manufactured, installedand commissioned by ALTINBİLEK . Hundreds of turn-key facilities have been operating problem-free for years. It is one of the leading companies of the world in manufacturing of high capacity chain conveyors, belt conveyors , bucket elevators, screw conveyors, various steel silo components and accessories.

Area of ​​influence

Address and location

9. Cd Organize Sanayi. Bölgesi Cadde No 5, 26110
Eskişehir (TURQUIA)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 39.746249 - Longitude: 30.647835

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Feed transport


ABCORDION, a dust-free truck loading bellow. It includes ALTINBILEK's quality and technology and is a safe and environment-friendly product.
ABCORDION provides loading products such as flour, feed and cement to trailers, trucks and vessels in a dust-free and ...

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Bulk feed tanks


ALTINBİLEK, inclined chain conveyors, ensure transport of cereal and similar products easily in desired volume, undamagened and economic ways according to customer’s desired angle and slope. High-quality support chain is used.

The plastic palettes on the su ...

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Bulk feed tanks


It is used in depots on a free circulation, in a way to discharge the product (flour, wheat, bran etc.) very easily. The outlet which is connected with joints to the body, is vibrated by a vibro motor. Thanks to this vibration, the products in the store flows ...

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