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Coventry Chemicals Ltd

Woodhams Road, Siskin Drive, CV3 4FX
Coventry (REINO UNIDO)

Cov Chem UK WMV

Coventry Chemicals is a global leader in Bio-security and disinfection technology in veterinary and food processing sectors. Based on glutaraldehyde and quat-ammonium chemistries, the OMNICIDE family of disinfectants allows intensive growers worldwide to raise poultry, fish, swine, cattle and other species in safety by eradicating disease pathogens and preventing disease carry-over into fresh stocks.

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Woodhams Road, Siskin Drive, CV3 4FX
Coventry (REINO UNIDO)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 52.3705607 - Longitude: -1.4664693

CCL also produces modern synthetic carbolic replacement products and effective hospital disinfectants. These products are available through the Export Division.

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Omnicide is a broad spectrum animal health disinfectant with proven activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, mycobacteria and mycoplasma, lipophilic RNA & DNA viruses and hydrophilic RNA & DNA viruses, bacterial spores and fungal hyphae and s ...

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Omniclean is a powerful detergent cleaner and strong bactericide
Omniclean is the ideal first stage cleaner for animal housing before terminal disinfection takes place and should be used in conjunction with Omnicide.
It should be used to clean and disinfe ...

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Cov Chem UK WMV

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