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Over twenty-five years of activity working with rigor towards innovation and improvement have situated DEX IBÉRICA in a leading position in the market.

Rapidly growing in the international market the company has consolidated its activity worldwide reassuring stability and continuity.

Furthermore, our company is present in most international congresses and expositions participating as an exhibitor in some of the principal trade shows in the world such as: International Poultry Exposition in Atlanta; VIV EUROPE in Utrecht, Holland; EXPOAVIGA in Barcelona; FIMA Ganadera in Zaragoza; Congreso Latinoamericano de Avicultura, VIV Asia in Bangkok, etc.

DEX IBÉRICA's CENTRAL OFFICE is located in the industrial park known as Industrial Polygon Estación in the municipal area of Vila-Seca, Tarragona, Spain.

The administration, marketing, technical and production departments are centralised in our main OFFICE. Thus, a sophisticated computer system has been put in place connecting all production centres in the same network.

Additionally, close collaboration with some of the most important international Research Centres provides an intense interexchange of information and experiences assuring the highest quality of our SERVICE.

DEX IBÉRICA's  PREMIXTURES FACTORY is equipped with the most innovating technology. It has been built following the most strict standards of EFFICIENCY and SAFETY. All our plants are constantly submitted to a rigorous Integral Quality Plan, based on strict norms of ORDER AND CLEANLINESS.

All production areas (with the exception of those special sterile and pressurised zones) are connected to a centralised vacuum system that traps dust and maintains the area free of particles.

All our production CENTRES have: besides the main manufacturing zone, their own laboratory for quality control, storage warehouse and sample library; in addition they also comprise all auxiliary facilities such as dressing rooms, bathrooms, offices, workshops, etc.

All those equipments that come into contact with products are made of stainless steel.

Since toxin and/or inflammable substances are regularly manipulated, extreme safety measures have been put in place in the MANUFACTURING ZONE. These activities mainly occur in the reactors area, were raw materials are synthetised.

DEX IBÉRICA's  MEDICINAL PRODUCTS FACTORY located in the Dominican Republic comprises facilities that have been approved according to the criteria of the European Union and in accordance with the directories of Good Manufacture Procedure (GMP).

All manufacturing processes are carried out according to Standard Operation Procedures (SOP). These include: cleaning of facilities and equipment maintenance, control of incoming raw material and packaging material, quality control, rejected material, manufacturing procedures, packaging and labelling control, establishing expiration dates, and storage and distribution of finished product.

DEX IBÉRICA's PEOPLE: We are a team of PROFESSIONALS with extensive experience in our sector and who are ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE.

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