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Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH

Keltenstrasse 1, 78532
Tuttlingen (ALEMANIA)

Inventing, developing and improving  
The passion for developing technological solutions in the sectors of medical technology and industrial products – or, briefly put, engineering ingenuity – represents the essence of Henke-Sass, Wolf. Ever since it was founded in 1921, the company has been deeply and intensively involved in research, development and design for reliable solutions in these sectors.
The calibrated glass metal cylindrical syringe was invented by us, for instance, and the disposable syringe was radically simplified. For decades now we have been an OEM manufacturer for the medical endoscopy sector. As a producer and specialist in micro-optics, we significantly improved the optics on rigid endoscopes and developed autoclavable endoscopes. And with Wenkert we have acquired a company that enhances our product portfolio in the medical endoscopy sector with optimal instruments.
Innovative, useful and consequently future proof technological solutions have turned Henke-Sass, Wolf into an internationally successful company. We continue to place our trust in engineering ingenuity for the future as well, and invest significantly in research, development and design. 

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Keltenstrasse 1, 78532
Tuttlingen (ALEMANIA)

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Vaccination material


VIV Europe - Stand 10.C013 

V-ETIC is connecting the poultry, swine, dairy and beef industries by providing electronic traceability and compliance to meet the growing need to manage, track, trace, report and analyze. This new and innovative solution provide ...

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Vaccination material


Long ago, injection systems from Henke-Sass, Wolf have become indispensable in the treatment of small and large animals such us cows, horses, pigs, fish, chicken etc. The diversity of products and the modular design of the systems ensure that you will always f ...

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HSW V-ETIC – a new RFID management tool for vaccination compliance and traceability

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