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Stock level detector in silos 1 Product and 1 company

A sensor that measures the feed levels in silos. At real-time by acoustic imaging. Energy-independent.
TIGSA by PGSaludables
PGS is a manufacturer of equipment for the automation of all types of livestock farming industry as pig and poultry industry. We are specialized in the automation of eating and drinking systems. Productos Ganaderos Saludables acquieres TIGSA® in Noviembre 2019. Familiar company with international experience of more than 25 years in automotive and quimic industry. Our brand ...
EXPERIENCE CTIcontrol is an engineering company with more than 18 years of experience in the design, development and distribution of climatic controllers for farms and industrial farming. Our experience is based in the constant improvement of our products and to adapt them to the sector needs in order to satisfy our customers. LEADER CTIcontrol...
IJINUS is a manufacturer instrumentation, process control and metrology wireless remote management and remote monitoring. Our offer is composed of sensors, recorders, overflow sensor, transmitters and other communication interfaces and supervision. Performance, miniaturization, ease of installation, use and transmission of multi-protocol data are part of our commitments.
Equipos e instrumentos de medicion. Balanzas para peso de aves VEIT, termómetros, higrómetros e instrumentos de medición TESTO. Servicio de Calibración. Manómetros, durabilímetros, básculas, equipamento para laboratorio.
PEIG GANADERA, S. L. es una empresa familiar de ingeniería especializada en la ejecución y construcción de proyectos aplicados al sector de producción animal, producción vegetal y agroalimentario que cuenta con importantes recursos técnicos, humanos y financieros, ocupando una sólida posición en el mercado. Desde nuestros inicios, en 1998,...
Agritech is an Italian company located in the district of Brescia, specialized in the processing of fiberglass and selling its products in more than 50 countries all over the world. Agritech main products are silos aimed at the storage of both powdered and granular products. Fiberglass silos are characterized by extremely high constructive and qualitative standards certified UNI EN ISO...