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Drying poultry manure
Drying poultry manure
With the help of the Dorset Dryer, poultry manure can be dried throughout the year and converted either into organic fertilizer or fuel. The required warm air for the drying process can for instance be derived from stable air, or it can be residual heat from the generation of electricity. Dried poultry manure is an excellent and frequently used plant nutrient, both in a dried form and as a pellet.
Sistema MD Chore Time para secado de Gallinaza
Sistema MD Chore Time para secado de Gallinaza
El sistema de secado de gallinaza permite producir gallinaza comercial en pocos días con el uso del aire que ya circula. En la mayoría de los casos, se pueden utilizar los ventiladores existentes en las paredes laterales. Deshidratador de gallinaza, deshidratado de gallinaza, 
Troublefree drying of poultry manure with the VDL Agrotech manure drying tunnel. High pressure fans direct the air through the manure on the special perforated steel plates Manure reaches 80% dry matter content within 72 hours. The Pouldry manure drying tunnel is industrial quality and can be supplied in different lengths upto 3 tiers.
Somos la segunda generación de una empresa familiar dedicada desde hace más de 40 años a la fabricación y distribución de infraestructuras y soluciones para el sector avícola y agroalimentario dentro de la península ibérica. Trabajamos para lograr la máxima satisfacción de nuestro cliente asesorándole en su proyecto de empresa y acompañándole en sus procesos de implantación, aportando soluciones...
Since its inception in 1938, Big Dutchman has become the largest company of livestock facilities worldwide for poultry and pig farms. The use of waste is the most recent area of ​​activity. The wide range of the company covers all types of housing systems, food and air. Practices and future solutions that combine animal welfare with economic benefits and energy sustainability is. Big...
Maker Farms es una empresa especializada en el diseño, concepción y montaje de instalaciones avícolas, ganaderas y de cercas que ha sabido rodearse de las mejores marcas y proveedores del mercado para conseguir, con una experiencia de más de 25 años, llevar a cabo las más rentables instalaciones tanto en el sector ganadero como industrial. Desde el año 2003 Maker Farms también está presente...
GER, S.A. sociedad fundada en 1968 dedicada al estudio, diseño y fabricación de equipos y complementos para el tratamiento del AIRE.
General Ganadera, S.A. (GANAL) is born in the year 1961 as a company specialised in the production of equipment for the rearing and raising in general, being centred from their beginnings in the sector of the poultry at national level as well as at international level. We offer you a company guaranteed by their years of experience to which has incorporated already with force a second generation,...
JM Alcantara SL
J.M Alcantara, S.L es una empresa dedicada a la venta de máquinas de clasificar huevos. Somos los agentes de la multinacional holandesa Moba en España desde el año 2003 y ofrecemos servicios de mantenimiento y reparación en todas las clasificadoras Moba. Disponemos de una amplia gama de máquinas de clasificar huevos Moba de segunda mano...
Jansen Poultry Equipment
Jansen Poultry Equipment was founded in 1986 by Mr A. H. Jansen for development and production of the first automatic laying nests. With his knowledge of technology and poultry, Mr Jansen succeeded in developing the most sought-after laying next. Today the company offers a wide range of poultry systems and has grown to become a flourishing international company with its headquarters located in the...
SALMET International GmbH
SALMET has been developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality poultry equipment since 1962. SALMET offers high standards, innovative ideas and fine-tuned technological solutions from it's German facilities. All systems are constantly being tested on SALMET farms. You can count on our long-term experience in the development and installation of superior poultry equipment. All of our...
Dorset Green Machines is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of biomass drying systems. We focus on commercially attractive solutions for treatment of biomass waste products, using available residual heat. The most common biomass products for drying are: - poultry manure, - sewage sludge, - woodchips, - digestate. Drying significantly reduces...
VDL Agrotech (member of VDL Groep) manufactures and supplies equipment for the intensive modern livestock industry, for 50 years. The product range comprises feeding and drinking systems, climate control and cooling and drying systems. VDL Agrotech is specialised in turnkey projects. Specialist in engineering: Engineering projects is our specialty. VDL Agrotech...
We have been in the business for quite some time... 1938 The birth of our company dates back to 1938. In that year, the brothers Richard and Jack DeWitt, whose parents emigrated from the Netherlands to the US, invented a sophisticated machine for automatic feeding of their poultry stock. The feeder transported feed via a mechanically driven chain. It was to become the world's...
SOLARBOX ENERGIAS RENOVABLES  SOLARBOX es una empresa de servicios energéticos, ofrecemos una solución integral en materia de energía y medio ambiente a Empresas e Instituciones. Implantamos sistemas energéticos basados en energías renovables de última generación: biomasa, revalorización de residuos, solar, eólica e hidráulica.