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Loc. La Meridiana, 12 - Str. Prov. n.VIII Leno-Fiesse Km.23, 25024

We produce high-efficiency lighting systems for the well-being of animals
The consolidated company Ital Dec-Or S.r.l., which has been operating on the European market since 1985, has created the AVILUCE brand specialized in LED lighting for farms, in collaboration with the technician Andrea Freretti.
Since 2001 the company has been the leader on the LED lighting market with its brand name HT-LED and, now, with the support of its technological industrial knowledge, it is entering the market of lighting for poultry and farms in general with a view to offering new products that meet customers’ actual needs.


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Loc. La Meridiana, 12 - Str. Prov. n.VIII Leno-Fiesse Km.23, 25024

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All our products are made in Italy.
LED lighting systems for poultry farming are an effective and efficient solution for increasing the productivity of the animals while reducing the operating and control costs of the systems.
1. THE PRODUCTION AND SALES CYCLE - Our lighting products originate in Italy through collaboration with veterinary technicians and farmers, also with the support of university studies. The LED devices thus offer farms tangible benefits in terms of energy saving and profitability.
2. INSPECTION - We respond to customers’ calls by making an initial inspection on the farm to identify the type of LEDs best suited to the farm and find the best solution
3. DESIGN AND TECHNICAL SIMULATION - Using specific virtualization software, we perform a simulation of the rendering of the products with technical data and indicative tables that confirm that the best solution identified has been chosen.
4. INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE - We install the LEDs ourselves on the customer’s farm so as to guarantee that they are positioned correctly and we provide scheduled maintenance and subsequent servicing of the devices installed.
5. FINAL TEST - We check the validity of the simulations performed during the design phase by comparing the data actually recorded on the farm after the installation of the new lighting devices, as a further guarantee of their operation and reliability.

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