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C/. La Terra, 42 P.I. Els Bellots, 08227

With almost 40 years, DISPROQUIMA is today a dynamic and modern company with clear vocation of service, specialized in the marketing, the distribution and commercialization of a wide range of products and services mainly destined to the industries that manage inside the areas of the Life Sciences.

DISPROQUIMA is today present in different countries and continents, from China up to Morocco , going over France, Portugal or Spain. Working in very different markets between them, but at the same time with very similar needs.

Our special branches are products and services basically for sectors like:

•The pharmaceutical industry
•Nutrition and Animal Health producers
•Hygiene products and Personal Care manufacturers
•Food and Dietetics

All that has been possible, thanks to the illusion and effort of a great team , motivated and highly qualified people , that with their determination made possible that today DISPROQUIMA , be one of the leading companies in our markets, offering to the market "A World of possibilities".

Area of ​​influence

Address and location

C/. La Terra, 42 P.I. Els Bellots, 08227

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 41.544874 - Longitude: 2.0457736

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