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Rue Alfred NOBEL - Z.I. du Vern - LANDIVISIAU, 29401

Worldwide Supplier of Hatchery & Laboratory Automated Equipment, ECAT offers the full range of traditional equipment and turnkey systems for different capacities of hatcheries (5000 to 120000 chicks/hour)
ECAT also offers a range of new products, new applications and new functions, using its own development of patented technologies

ECAT offers its customers expertise, experience, reliability and proposes custom made products to fit specific customers’ needs:
AUTOMATIC EGG HANDLING SYSTEMS : Candling, Refilling, InOvo injection, Transfer, Weighing/grading
AUTOMATIC CHICK HANDLING SYSTEMS : Chick/shell separator, Take off, Vaccinating & Sexing, Paper laying, Counting and boxing
MATERIAL HANDLING : Stackers and destackers, Dynamic storage, Industrial washers
WASTE HANDLING : Macerator, Killer, Vacuum, Cyclones, Tank

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Rue Alfred NOBEL - Z.I. du Vern - LANDIVISIAU, 29401

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 48.522114 - Longitude: -4.0654115


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