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36 mail de la manufacture, 35410

HERE & THERE is a French company based in Brittany (France) This company is based on 20 years of experience in animal nutrition. 

HERE, in Europe, we can source and negotiate all the raw materials you need for feed production: vegetable proteins, dairy products, fats and bypass fats, vitamin and trace element premixes, additives (emulsifiers, antioxidant), as well as nutritional products and disinfectants. 

Our main activity is the blending of these raw materials and additives (according to your own needs) in specific recipes : for piglets, dairy concentrates (MIXIPIG) and for calves, milkreplacers (MIXICALF). We can also offer you specific complete feed for piglets, pigs and ruminants. 

THERE, all over the world, we study your real needs. These needs will be fit with raw materials, blends or complete feed, for which we guarantee the quality, the feed security and the traceability. All the selected producers are guaranteed ISO, GMP, FAMIQS and have a very serious quality department. All of them are audited regularly.

Simply give us your requests and HERE we will find a way to deliver THERE where you are. Wherever you are in the world, we can deliver the products you need whenever you need them. Distance is no object. HERE&THERE is trading products in more than 20 countries.

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36 mail de la manufacture, 35410

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Latitude: 48.0576255 - Longitude: -1.507646

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