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Vermeerstraat 1, 7731

Duka Production Ltd. manufactures innovative solutions based onunique chlorine dioxide chemistry. Chlorine Dioxide is known to mankind as one of the best molecules for water purification and disinfection.
The active chlorine dioxide products are applied to a range of industry sectors including food and beverage processing, potable water treatment, horticulture, livestock production, aquaculture, healthcare and hygiene.
Our commitment to research and new product development, manufacturing innovation, training and technical support allow us to consistently deliver significant commercial and operational benefits to our customers, partners and distributors across a wide range of industry sectors, worldwide.
Duka Production Ltd. is located in The Netherlands and Canada. Subsidiaries are located in USA, Canada, The Netherlands, India and China. Partnerships have been established in 10+ countries. Sales and distribution is organized with professional distributors in 25 countries. Ownership is still privately held by partners and investors.

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Vermeerstraat 1, 7731

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Latitude: 52.5311073 - Longitude: 6.4247508

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