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Bul. Slobodana Jovanovica 34/2, 21000
Novi Sad (SERBIA)

Based on our long-term experience and professional work, we recommend, design, deliver and install the equipment for poultry and live-stock farms. Equipment for exploitation of parent flock, broiler fattening, nurturing of young egg layers, turkeys, duck and geese is fully automated. Feeding systems include automated equipment for food transport and distribution as well as the optimal choice of feeders. As part of our offer is the drinking equipment through nipple system “Drop by Drop” that always provides fresh water, while the mat always stays dry throughout the whole cycle of animal nurture.

Ventilation, heating and cooling are essential processes of modern and profitable upbringing of poultry, cows and pigs. We cover the complete range in this field.

We also provide our customers with necessary accessories such as medicine dozers, filters, cages for egg layers, manure strip, transportation cages for poultry, ventilators, ventilating regulators, deflectors, egg sorting machine, food transportation cords, scraper cords, wide assortment of nipple bowl drinkers and other spare parts for farms.

JOMAPEKS is a market oriented company !

With the exceptional flexibility of our offer we also provide service to relatively small buyers, farmers, and large poultry-livestock complexes.
We continuously explore modern technologies and reliable products for our end-users. We rely on our personal knowledge and experience as well as fruitful cooperation with significant international partners.

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Bul. Slobodana Jovanovica 34/2, 21000
Novi Sad (SERBIA)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 45.25 - Longitude: 19.85

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