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C/ San Romualdo 12-14, 3º, 28037
Madrid (España)

Lípidos Toledo S.A. began in 1996 as a family business and under the guidance of a group of professionals with extensive experience in the Animal Nutrition field. From the outset, the company's mission has been to provide its clients with personalised service and efficient, natural products that are able to meet the demands of the sector.
Our facilities
In 2000 Lípidos Toledo S.A. moved its facilities, building a modern manufacturing plant in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo). In 2012 it acquired a new industrial warehouse in the vicinity of the main facilities where the manufacturing of the powder additives takes place and a third storage warehouse.
With these new facilities Lípidos Toledo S.A. is able to have separate manufacturing lines for the different products they manufacture avoiding the risk of cross contamination.
Furthermore, the new facilities enable to company to manufacture products with fishmeal derivatives, allowing the company to further expansion, mainly in the aquaculture range.
The facilities allow the manufacture of nutritional products, liquid and powder based phytobiotic additives, nutraceutical products and nutritional and specialty products without any risk of the products becoming cross contaminated.
In 2010, Lípidos Toledo S.A. acquired a large office space at C/ San Romualdo 12-14 in Madrid where all logistics work is carried out.
This enables Lípidos Toledo S.A. to fulfil its objective of manufacturing products of the highest quality and providing its clients the best service.
Expansión of the Company
The aim of Lípidos Toledo S.A. has always been to expand the company on a global scale, offering its products around the world. In order to achieve this, it has improved the technology used to manufacture its products, always focusing on tackling the various requirements in different countries by being in constant contact with distributors and clients.
During its first 4 years as a company, Lípidos Toledo S.A. established itself within the national market through a network of distributors located in Spain's main livestock farming communities. In 1999 LIPTOSA started exporting its products, selling them in Latin and Central America so as to begin its worldwide expansion in 2001.
Today LIPTOSA is present in 53 countries and all 5 continents, and its sales continue to increase around the world. Year after year Lípidos Toledo S.A. increases its level of representation in each continent, which has meant a steady 15% increase in its sales and revenue.
Our Clients
Lípidos Toledo S.A.'s main goal is to treat our clients as individuals, providing a service of the utmost quality with personalised assistance and high quality products.
When the client first contacts us, we always work alongside them in order to understand their requirements, expectations and their demands, and based on this we only provide them with the products they really need.
Lípidos Toledo S.A.'s aim is to not only provide high quality products but also to ensure they are provided with a personalised and seamless service, with advice from both our technical and sales teams.
Our service
Lípidos Toledo S.A. is made up of a group of professionals and experts in Animal Nutrition, Animal Production and the Manufacture of Feed who are renowned for both their professionalism and their great dedication.
Lípidos Toledo S.A. is therefore able to offer its clients constant advice regarding feed formulation, animal health, feed manufacture, etc.
This is complemented by the invaluable support of our distributors participating in Trade Fairs, Congresses, etc., as well as the continuous training provided by our technicians to their technicians and sales people.
Research work
AFurthermore, we collaborate and receive advice from prestigious research centres such as the Madrid Veterinary Medicine School, the School of Chemical Sciences and prestigious research and work groups. Since 2010 we have been putting a greater research focus on our range of additives, nutraceutics and phytobiotics within the multi-business project MEPROGAL. The MEPROGAL project, financed by European Funds from the CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development), means we are able to develop organic products, following the latest, cutting edge research techniques.
The research and development of organic poultry farming products is complemented by new research into additives with the Torres Quevedo Program, with the participation of the Veterinary School, in the development of additives that efficiently control pathogens, especially in the control of Salmonella spp and Campylobacter spp.
Lípidos Toledo S.A. is also developing, within the Torres Quevedo Program, a new research line into the development of products for the aquaculture industry. The main objective of this new line of work is to develop organic products that are capable of reducing the use of antibiotics in fish species and prawn farming. These products will enable both an improvement in production and in the quality of the products provided to the consumer by the Industry, which are always free of antibiotic residues.
Our slogan
“The green way of life“ sums up the philosophy behind all the Lípidos Toledo S.A. products. Efficient, organic products that enable our clients to provide the consumer with products that are free of medication residues as required by European regulations.
As a result, Lípidos Toledo S.A. has a range of over 150 products, all of which are organic and adapt to our clients' requirements and provide them with efficient solutions to worldwide production and health problems.
Our main product ranges:
Mycotoxin absorbers.
Sanitisation of feed manifacturing plants.
Phytobiotics and nutraceutics.
Early age feeds.
Milk substitutes.

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C/ San Romualdo 12-14, 3º, 28037
Madrid (España)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 40.4410559 - Longitude: -3.623164

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Mycotoxin binders


Organic enzymatic and prebiotic anti-mycotoxin additive. Contains enzymes, fructooligosaccharides, plant extracts and cell walls for their sequestrant and detoxifying effects.
Wide spectrum sequestrant especially effective at controlling my ...

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