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Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH

Am Seedeich 9-11, 27472
Cuxhaven (España)

The right hen for every housing system – the right egg for every market. With this claim, Lohmann Tierzucht has so far achieved excellent breeding results and has become the world leader in the production of parent stock and laying hens as well as in the production of SPF hatching eggs and clean eggs for vaccine production and medical research in the last five decades.
This success is based on systematic research and development, intensive veterinary assistance and constant dialogue with customers. This results in highly efficient layers of a robust quality as well as excellent egg mass and outstanding shell quality – i.e. features which give Lohmann Tierzucht breeders throughout the world a competitive edge.
Lohmann Tierzucht sets consistently high standards in quality, innovation and service and employs around 200 people at its sites around the world. Excellent customer service and the provision of the right hens for new growth markets mean that Lohmann Tierzucht is also ideally equipped for the future.
Breeding alone is not enough without intensive veterinary assistance. With its veterinary laboratory – one of the most modern of all – Lohmann Tierzucht has created a globally unique range of services in this area. This exemplary customer service, top breeding expertise, an unstoppable drive to innovate and close co-operation with customers underpin the company’s philosophy: breeding for success … together

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Am Seedeich 9-11, 27472
Cuxhaven (España)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 53.87076 - Longitude: 8.70361

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