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Mauguerand - CS70265, 22800
Le Foeil (FRANCIA)

Welcome to Novogen, the latest layer breeding company with another view of your business.

Novogen R&D
R&D focusing on latest market trends

NOVOGEN concentrates all its efforts on the core business, research and development of products that suit the specific market needs. NOVOGEN supplies layer Grand Parent Stock and Parent stock to the independent players in the egg industry.

NOVOGEN's selection farms are located in France and the USA and in the coming years additional GP and GGP farms will be established in some strategic locations around the world.

Ease of management, good behaviour, high productivity, excellent internal and external egg quality, feed efficiency, ability to express the potential in various field environments are part of the selection criteria. All lines are selected to be able to perform in various systems of production, as well as for cages as for alternative production systems.

Under the most variable field conditions the genetic potential was expressed, confirming the relevance of NOVOGEN's on the level of means and techniques of selection.

The results at several independent test stations confirm also very well the field results and show the great genetic potential of the NOVOGEN products.

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Address and location

Mauguerand - CS70265, 22800
Le Foeil (FRANCIA)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 48.42888 - Longitude: -2.915288

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