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Ag Forte Willmar Poultry Company


Willmar Poultry Company (WPC) was formed in 1945 to produce day-old turkey poults to supply a local market.  Through the years WPC steadily grew, which accelerated when Ag Forte was formed in 2000 through the acquisition of hatcheries in Missouri, Virginia and Ohio. Today, Ag Forte serves customers throughout the United States and even though we have grown a lot over the years, we are a still a small town family owned business with strong roots in farming. We bring a quality, innovative perspective on how to raise the best birds possible for the farmers that we serve. 

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A series of calculators that will help to streamline the process of frequently used calculations in the poultry industry. Simply install the application, run it, and choose from three different calculators that will perform different functions such as:
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