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Gildetrom 25, 3905
Veenendaal (España)

HatchTech’s guiding principle is to provide increasingly superior chick quality. This is the foundation of our business culture and practices – from research and development, product and project engineering, to customer service. Our research-based knowledge of incubation, chick transportation and brooding enables us to develop outstanding, yet user-friendly products for the global poultry industry.

In the late 1990s, HatchTech recognised an extremely important relation between embryo temperature and the optimal incubation conditions that can lead to higher standards of chick quality. Working from this insight, we developed a completely new incubation method that gives maximum control over the incubation conditions – and therefore over embryo development. The result was our revolutionary MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers which make use of patented laminar airflow technology. Within just a decade, these innovative products have made HatchTech a market leader for incubation equipment worldwide.

Laminar airflow and one concept for all stages.
We applied the same revolutionary airflow technology to develop two other unique systems that provide complete environmental control during chick transport and the all-important brooding period. Today, the HatchTech portfolio features three key product groups:
HatchTech – Incubation Technology
HatchTraveller – Chick Transport
HatchBrood – Brooding Control

Together, these offer the ideal environmental conditions – which are so crucial to optimal growth and development – at every stage of chick production. Our products are also specially designed to contribute to more sustainable poultry production in a variety of ways: by reducing costs and environmental impact, and by maximizing productivity and animal wellbeing.

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Gildetrom 25, 3905
Veenendaal (España)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 52.0393426 - Longitude: 5.5405006

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High capacity incubators


HatchCare - the Hatcher with Feed and Water
In a hatcher, chicks hatch within a specific “hatch window”. During this period, it is a general accepted practice throughout most of the industry that the newly hatched chicks will have no access to feed or water.

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High capacity incubators


During the first four days of their lives (the brooding period), chicks are unable to regulate their own body temperature. Their proper growth and development therefore depends on the climate that poultry farmers create for them. Achieving the perfect combinat ...

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Special chick transport


Why are we doing all we can to hatch a perfect chicken, but do we not take care of the chicken during transport? 

HatchTraveller – maintaining quality on the road:
During the first days of its life, a chick is unable to regulate its own body temperature. B


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HatchTech Incubation Technology

HatchTraveller - Maintaining quality on the road

HatchBrood - Brooding Control

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