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Färögatan, 33, SE-164 51
Kista (SUECIA)

Munters helps feeding the world

Munters develops and manufactures energy efficient climate control systems for the growth and development of agricultural applications.
By providing the perfect climate, our solutions enable farms to operate and produce under optimum conditions. The innovative product range includes ventilation, evaporative cooling, heating and controls systems.

Munters Agriculture climate control systems comprise broilers, layers, swine/hogs and dairy applications and aim to increase productivity, health and welfare of the animals in these intensive farming applications, always with the lowest total cost of ownership possible for the farmers. Total cost of ownership is signified by the entire system operating cost such as energy consumption, maintenance cost and product life cycle.
Munters is aware of the challenges faced in livestock production and how the climate affects broiler, layer, swine (hog), and dairy farms.

Livestock farms face problems such as heat stress, inefficient feed conversion ratio (FCR), diseases in livestock etc. All these issues are related in a direct or indirect way to the climate condition inside the farm buildings and can rapidly affect the production and the animal health resulting in a loss of resources.  Worldwide recognition of our well reputed product brands Euroemme®, CELdek®,  Munters Drive, Munters Protect and Aerotech® put Munters in the driver’s seat of agriculture climate control.

The weather outside may rage through widely varying extremes, but the climate inside a livestock house must constantly remain within strictly defined limits.
Munters offers leading technology, reliability, high performance, superior logistics and best in class support to the Agriculture industry.

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Färögatan, 33, SE-164 51
Kista (SUECIA)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 59.4016857 - Longitude: 17.9464372

Own brands

  • Aerotech
  • Euroemme
  • Roten
Munters has solid and far ranging experience from designing and manufacturing climate control products and systems for poultry production facilities.

Munters ventilation systems for broilers and laying hens are engineered to provide precise control of the climate inside the facility, even when the climate outside of the building is extreme or changing.
Climate conditions are controlled with a range of Munters products including ventilation fans, evaporative cooling, heating, inlets and precision controls.

During summer periods farmers can experience heat stress in their bird populations, which negatively affects growth and productivity for broilers and layers, something that would need to be avoided in intensive poultry production. This makes air exchange rates and ventilation rates crucial in growing chickens or producing eggs.
During winter periods or cooler parts of the year, depending on where the production is situated, minimum ventilation is critical. Due to increasing energy prices, farmers want to limit the amount of fresh air to what is absolutely necessary for keeping a sufficient air quality in the broiler or layer house. If the minimum ventilation rate is exceeded by bringing more cold air from the outside, the farmer’s cost for heating will increase and farm profitability is jeopardized.  

FCR, or Feed Conversion Ratio, can be addressed with Munters climate control equipment. There is an explicit correlation between maintaining the correct environmental indoor conditions avoiding temperature fluctuations and optimized FCR. Even the smallest changes in FCR at any given feed price, can have a substantial impact on financial margins for the farmer.

All this said the environment control in layers or broiler houses is crucial and according to Munters philosophy it should be done with the smallest possible environmental impact and instead with environmental excellence.
Munters has the equipment and knowledge to help you take control and produce your perfect climate whether it is for broiler, layer or breeder.

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Generador de aire caliente GFn

Heating facilities



En agricultura y ganadería el entorno climático ideal es esencial, ya que influye en la productividad y la salud del ganado y en el crecimiento de las plantas.

  • Concebido para aplicaciones en agricultura y ganadería,

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GA95t Hanging Air Heater

Heating facilities


  • 100% thermal efficiency
  • Heating output manually adjustable
  • Ideal for space heating
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Functions on LPG
  • Double solenoid valve for shutting off gas supply
  • Safety switch preventing overheating
The GA Air Heaters a ...

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Ventilation material


Descripción SIAG.
De conformidad con la Directiva europea 2009/125/CE de diseño ecológico ErP, Munters ha desarrollado una nueva línea de ventiladores que cumplen los parámetros de eficiencia energética de acuerdo con el Reglamento (UE) Nº327/2011. El objetiv ...

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Euroemme® EC52 cone fan

Ventilation material


  • High airflow and high efficiency
  • Fan housing, cone and venturi made of the corrosion resistant material Munters Protect
  • Special cone design for optimal use of installation space (EC52)
  • Patent pending shutter opening device (EC52)
  • Each motor is indiv

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Farm Pro 3G, sistemas de control.

Farm computers


La serie de controles climaticos de Munters para granjas de producción animal ofrece una amplia variedad de soluciones de control:

  • Versátiles

  • Relés y salidas de velocidad variable

  • Lectura y control de temperatura y humedad relativa

  • Ideal para control

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Munters helps feeding the world

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