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Farm Pro 3G, sistemas de control. Alerta

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MUNTERS - Farm Pro 3G, sistemas de control. Price and Availability
La serie de controles climaticos de Munters para granjas de producción animal ofrece una amplia variedad de soluciones de control:

  • Versátiles

  • Relés y salidas de velocidad variable

  • Lectura y control de temperatura y humedad relativa

  • Ideal para controlar la ventilación

  • Soluciones económicas para control del clima en pequeñas salas

  • Interfaz avanzada

  • Control completo de una gran variedad de funciones

  • Soluciones plug and play

  • Software con control remoto

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Munters develops and manufactures energy efficient climate control systems for the growth and development of agricultural applications.
By providing the perfect climate, our solutions enable farms to operate and produce under optimum conditions. The innovative product range includes ventilation, evaporative cooling, heating and controls systems.

Munters Agriculture climate control systems comprise broilers, layers, swine/hogs and dairy applications and aim to increase productivity, health and welfare of the animals in these intensive farming applications, always with the lowest total cost of ownership possible for the farmers. Total cost of ownership is signified by the entire system operating cost such as energy consumption, maintenance cost and product life cycle.
Munters is aware of the challenges faced in livestock production and how the climate affects broiler, layer, swine (hog), and dairy farms.

Livestock farms face problems such as heat stress, inefficient feed conversion...

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