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Mostra - exclusive grinding technology
Mostra - exclusive grinding technology
The Mostra food has a more stable and homogeneous presentation from one batch to another. Poultry sort it less. The food is more digestible and its consumption is smoothed from one delivery to another.
Drum Magnet DFRT
Drum Magnet DFRT
Bühler is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. The Bühler drum magnet DFRT is designed to remove ferrous items from granular or mealy products. It is applied in the feed manufacturing industry, flour milling, as well as in oil mills and other areas involving similar products. Excellent hygiene of end products via continuous self-cleaning. A...
CHARACTERISTICS; - Minimum sound level and vibration. - Made of reinforced steel; direct transmission; sive easily replaceable; rotor with sping reversing device. - Available for powers fro 7 HP to 150 HP.
Since its inception in 1938, Big Dutchman has become the largest company of livestock facilities worldwide for poultry and pig farms. The use of waste is the most recent area of ​​activity. The wide range of the company covers all types of housing systems, food and air. Practices and future solutions that combine animal welfare with economic benefits and energy sustainability is. Big...
MASALLES es una empresa con una larga tradición. Desde 1912 nos dedicamos a la fabricación de incubadoras y material ganadero para avicultura y otros animales. Somos especialistas en la instalación de granjas para: perdices, codornices, faisanes, gallinas, patos, ocas, avestruces, ñandúes, emúes, peces, etc. Los más de 90 años en el sector, nos permiten aconsejar, en todo momento, lo más apropiado...
Equipment for feed industry. Bühler feed milling plants are of modular design and can be ideally customized to satisfy the feed requirements for a wide range of animal species. Bühler possesses the deep process knowledge and innovative machinery required to enable feed millers to supply high quality, safe feed to their customers with maximum efficiency.
Philosophy and Structure Symaga  was created in 1985 by Alfonso Garrido to manufacture of silos and components for poultry and pig farming. Currently, it is a multinational belonging to the Garrido family and the company exports to over 120 countries. The company philosophy is based on customer satisfaction, manufacturing and marketing quality products. For...
MECAFA, S.A. es una empresa con más de 25 años de experiencia en el diseño, construcción y montaje de fábricas para el sector agroalimentario y especialmente de alimentos para animales , así como todo tipo de maquinaria para mecanización, transporte, almacenaje y procesado...
Silos Córdoba nace en 1975; su fundador, Juan López Liétor, iniciaba entonces un proyecto empresarial dirigido a satisfacer las necesidades de alimentación y almacenaje en el sector ganadero. Hoy en día la realidad de la empresa es mucho más amplia: la empresa ha continuado avanzando para adaptarse a las nuevas exigencias del mercado y actualmente abarca la concepción, el diseño y el montaje de instalaciones...
Rosal is a company dedicated to the construction of complete feed mills since 1956 and with more than 400 references in the worldwide market. Furthermore, together with our ability to engineer, design and installation, we are focused on the manufacture of machinery that makes up a feed mill. We invite you to visit our website to know our range of machinery and services. For any questions or doubts,...
FERRAZ manufactures complete animal feed plants as well as single machinery and process lines for the animal feed industry. This includes process equipment for fishfeed, dog and catfeed, poultryfeed, cattlefeed, pigfeed etc. Our modern tecnologies comprise single and double shaft extruders, dryers, coolers, pelleting presses, coaters, grinders, mixers, fat and colour injection equipment and...