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Pastoorslaan, 2182
Hilllegom (HOLANDA)

Presentación corporativa USA POULTRY TECH

USE Poultry Tech is the leading provider of used meat and poultry processing equipment, production lines and whole factories.

USE Poultry Tech BV is a trade organization focused on export within the meat processing industry selling used machines, production lines and whole factories, especially within the poultry industry.

Our company does business worldwide with the most influential producers. USE Poultry Tech is a young (2005), small (20 employees), ambitious and fast growing company (75% growth annually) that is known for its employee involvement, a very dynamic work environment and a 24/7 online marketplace.

We are highly motivated and commercially driven: presentation is everything! Our ambition is to become “the world’s leading market place for used meat processing equipment en systems”.

Since 1984 we work in the Poultry Processing Industry, or better, work WITH Poultry Processors, on a global level.
First in Northern America and Southern Africa, later Middle- and South America and the Caribbean, followed with Europe, Asia, Africa and so on.

Nowadays we visit up to 120 Poultry Processors per year WORLD WIDE. We know what is for sale and where, and what is needed elsewhere. What is too low capacity, or redundant for one, can be the next step up for the other. Markets are constantly changing and we stay on top of it.

Due to various reasons, in Western Europe more and more plants are closing down, where in Eastern Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East there is a growing demand for increased processing capacity, preferably at an affordable price level.

With us, you can find this cost effective processing plant you were looking for, for a very interesting price. The majority of plants we sell are in a still installed-, where is, as-is state. When your needs are clear, let us do a presentation of several available and affordable solutions.
We can arrange dismantling, loading and re-installation (at (European) cost price), but most of our customers prefer to fly their own people in, for low costs-, high effectivity- and thorough training reasons. In the end, our customer will have a running operation against a very low investment, in most cases the investment is between 10-30% of the cost of new.

Smaller plants-, stand alone lines- and individual machines however, we sell straight from our warehouse, from stock.
All offered equipment, lines and/or plants on our site are for sale as-long as-not sold of course.

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Pastoorslaan, 2182
Hilllegom (HOLANDA)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 52.3043213 - Longitude: 4.574996

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Meyn Maestro Eviscerator

Meyn Filleting Machine BC35

Systemate Cut-up Line 5000 bph

Meyn Plucker JMD2

Presentación corporativa USA POULTRY TECH

Semi automatic line for poultry slaughtering

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