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C/ Bernat Etxepare, 4 (Bajo), 20280
Hondarribia (Selecciona un país...)

SOKEPA SL, was founded in 1996, in Hondarribia.
We focus on farm products supply and marketing.
During these years, we have been evolving in order to provide our customers the most suitable products, as well as a reliable service to win our clients' loyalty, day after day.
The products we provide are always of the best quality, they include our providers' warranty, which is a reference in the business.
We also have a valuable national sales department.

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Address and location

C/ Bernat Etxepare, 4 (Bajo), 20280
Hondarribia (Selecciona un país...)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 43.3662473 - Longitude: -1.7926991

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Chick paper


The first days in the life of a chicken are crucial. Only if a young chicken can quickly consume sufficient feed and water, will the growth pattern in the following weeks be successful. A high quality chicken paper is indispensable in this process. So, make In ...

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Water, treatment and potabilization


Hydrocare es un líquido que se utiliza para la higienización del agua y la limpieza de tuberías.
Lo más importante a tener en cuenta es:
- Muy efectivo
- Doble acción: limpia y desinfecta
- Más concentrado y más estable: 50 % Peróxido y 360 mg de Ag (Argen ...

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