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Spectrum House, Checketts Lane Industrial Estate, Checketts Lane, WR3 7JW
Worcester (REINO UNIDO)

Waste Spectrum Environmental has been designing, manufacturing and servicing incinerators in the UK since the 1990s. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of incineration systems in the international market.

The comprehensive range of technically advanced, high-quality, economic, DEFRA ‘type-approved’ incinerators are ideal for the disposal of all types of animal carcass, medical and clinical waste and municipal solid waste. We supply incineration systems to livestock farms, veterinary surgeons, hunt kennels, game-keepers, hospitals and government departments. Our range of incinerators includes units of varying capacity and burn rate in both mobile and static formats.

As an industry expert in incineration legislation, our complete range complies with EU Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) No, 1069/2009. We were the first company to achieve UK DEFRA ‘type-approval’ having been instrumental in the development and interpretation of the legislation.

Area of ​​influence

Address and location

Spectrum House, Checketts Lane Industrial Estate, Checketts Lane, WR3 7JW
Worcester (REINO UNIDO)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 52.2154507 - Longitude: -2.2233289

Own brands

  • Volkan
Corporate objectives
To clearly understand customer needs and market forces, thus allowing for a clear definition of product, service, systems and requirements.
To create a culture that encourages direct employee involvement in the quest for continuous improvement of all.
To adopt “best practice” throughout our business to ensure product development, world class manufacturing and superior customer service objectives are achieved.
To work closely with our suppliers to achieve our quality objectives.
To make the WSE brand a brand that is synonymous with quality and service.
To recruit and retain the best people.
To continually invest in the development of those people

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Poultry dead animals treatments


medium-capacity animal carcass incinerator
The VOLKAN 200 series is a compact yet powerful incinerator, ideal for the disposal of poultry, sheep and medium-sized animal carcasses.
Why choose the VOLKAN 200?
The VOLKAN 200 is specifically designed for the in ...

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