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POLYPLUS - Comedero pavos Alerta

A product of Tuffigo Rapidex

Tuffigo Rapidex - POLYPLUS - Comedero pavos Price and Availability
POLYplus arranque
• Accesible desde el primer día
• Diámetro grande, facilitando acceso a más animales
• Limpieza fácil
POLYplus finition
• La rejilla de polipropileno de gran altura facilita la circulación de los animales
• Cubetas monobloc con rebordes anchos:
- no hay desperdicios
- acceso fácil a la alimentación
- diseñado para la ganadería de animales de 4 a 22 kg
- la elevada altura del tubo permite una mejor circulación de los animales
SPIREmat: los accesorios
Parte fija
• Tolva (70 o 150 L) con palpador de falta de alimentación
• Motorreductor con palpador de control
• Tolva de acero inoxidable o acero galvanizado
Cabestrante y accesorios
• Cabestrante manual
• Cabestrante eléctrico

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Tuffigo Rapidex

Tuffigo Rapidex
Born of a merger of two complementary companies, Tuffigo Rapidex is a leading livestock building equipment provider for ventilation and animal feeding.
These two aspects when managed best through the appropriate technology, allow the farmer to produce animals at a lower cost by optimising both the daily rations (food/oxygenation mix) and energy expenditure (animal needs/calories to spend on heating or cooling mix). The protection and respect of animals is one of our priorities.

Mastery of these two combined factors allows for transformation of farms by improving their productivity and profitability.

Tuffigo Rapidex is one of the only brands to offer a comprehensive solution: the creation of the building, delivery of all its equipment, and innovation in all segments of the business. Our offer and our ranges are adapted to global conditions and the challenges ahead.

"The commercial and industrial synergy is strong and allows us to make comprehensive offerings through the development...

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