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Aviapp® is a free app and enables you to follow up and improve the health status, welfare and performance of your poultry flocks, all from the convenience of your hand-held device or computer.
Data from your farm is captured and recorded in one easy-to-use app, allowing critical decisions and adjustments to be made to optimize the performance of your flock. You can also benchmark your performance against other farms.

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Huvepharma® is a fast-growing global pharmaceutical company with a focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing of human and animal health products. These pillars are the basis of our company name, Huvepharma: HUman and VEterinary PHARMAceuticals. We place equal emphasis on the production and marketing of products for animals and for humans. The company also manufactures and markets enzymes for food, feed and industrial applications. Huvepharma is a privately-owned company, headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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