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1945 Companies

Equipos, maquinaria y tecnología para la industria ganadera. Bebederos, comederos, dosificadores, medicación, silos, slats, para gallinas Broilers y del Prat, pavos, patos grasos, perdices, ovejas, cerdos, vacas, caballos. Especialista en material para la ganadería: bebederos automáticos avicultura, cerdos, conejos, tratamiento de agua, nebulización, sistema pad cooling, transportadores de...
At Hato Agricultural Lighting, we understand the importance of good lighting for the health and performance of poultry. Hato has a range of solutions for different poultry areas. Our outstanding technical performances, light distribution and unique ‘comfort light’ combination enables the creation of a high-quality climate for your poultry with the best lighting results.
Philosophy and Structure Symaga  was created in 1985 by Alfonso Garrido to manufacture of silos and components for poultry and pig farming. Currently, it is a multinational belonging to the Garrido family and the company exports to over 120 countries. The company philosophy is based on customer satisfaction, manufacturing and marketing quality products. For...
Somos una empresa especializada en el suministro de cama para ganado, así como en su posterior transformación en abonos orgánicos de calidad. Nuestro proceso pasa por una total trazabilidad del producto, destacándonos por someter a nuestros abonos a una esterilización previa a la granulación mediante tromer de secado, sometiendo al abono a temperaturas mucho más altas de las conseguidas con...
Crusvi es un grupo de empresas dedicado principalmente a la producción y comercialización de carne de pollo, y también está presente en el sector porcino y en avicultura de puesta. Nuestro grupo está constituido por Granja Crusvi S.A., Fábrica Mas Vell S.L. y Mytidasa S.L. Granja Crusvi S.A. fue fundada en Reus en 1958 por las familias Vidal y Crusat. En sus inicios se dedicó a la producción...
We are a young and dynamic company, dedicated to the commercialization of products for agriculture and industry. We supply flat fabrics for the control of environments and their respective accessories. We also provide covers for the most diverse needs. We are located in Talagante, Metropolitan Region. We invite you to know our catalog...
Faromatics SL is a start-up bringing high tech to livestock production. Through continuous monitoring of animals, our aim is to detect their needs quickly and reliably. Satisfaction of those needs we will help farmers to become more competitive.
WHAT IS SOUL? SOUL® is a new form of packaging for CEMOSA 6 and 12 eggs which will allow you to highlight the most special parts of your range of eggs. Thanks to its striking and different image of round contours, its intense colours corn and moss and its personalised label design, SOUL® guarantees that your product stands out visually on the supermarket shelf. Furthermore, its carefully-studied design...
CMC Industries
CMC Industries is an Italian company specialising in innovative conveyor solutions for the poultry and logistics industries. World leaders in the automatic loading of chicken and turkey, CMC applied over forty years of experience in machine design and construction, and automatic belt transport systems, and applied it to finding the best solutions possible for the logistics sector.