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Palbio 62 SP is a source of high-quality protein obtained from sprayed dried hydrolisate from porcine intestinal mucosa.

It aids in increasing feed intake and diet digestibility thanks to its exceptional characteristics, improving the production parameters and health of the animals.
Light cream-coloured sprayed product with a delicious taste and aroma.
The recommended dose is 10-30 kg per ton in piglet feedstuffs (milk replacer and starter).
The high level of hydrolysis of Palbio 62 SP together with the porcine source controlled, make this product suitable for all farm animals, including ruminants , so separate production lines are not required in the use of this product.

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Bioibérica’s Nutritional Care Division is specialized in the development, manufacture, and marketing of ingredients for feed and veterinarian medicines for farm animals and pets. It specializes in developing and manufacturing products to boost the appetite, improve digestibility, and enhance the intestinal health of animals.

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