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COXIDIN® 200 microGranulate Alerta

A product of HUVEPHARMA NV

HUVEPHARMA NV - COXIDIN® 200 microGranulate Price and Availability
COXIDIN® 200 microGranulate
-A coccidiosttic additive for broilers, chickens reared for laying and turkeys
-Contains 200g of monesin sodium per kg
-Available as homogenous granules

-Powerful anticoccidial efficacy and productivity-enhacing effect in poultry, leading to improved profitability for poultry producers.
-Allows a few oocysts to survive, helping to build up a natural immunity.
-Significantly reduces the risk of secondary infection by pathogens and minimizes weight loss and poor feed conversion.
-Its specific action mechanism reduces the hazard of resistance build-up.

-Very well tolerated
-Does not adversely affect feed and water intake
-Compatible with most other feed additives (antibiotics, vitamins, minerals)

-Unique granulated formulation
-Excellent mixability and homogeneity
-Remains stable during pelletisation

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