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AviZen® is a maternal semiochemical essential for laying hens and broilers. By reproducing the olfactory message normally secreted by the mother hen, AviZen® provides optimal growth conditions.

MHUSA (Mother Hen Uropygial Secretion Analogue)
Used to reduce the impact of zootechnical, physiological, and behavioral stress.
AviZen® is a patented product, licensed under European Patents EP 1531839, US patent n° 7,723,388, and their foreign equivalents.

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The Phérosynthèse research and development laboratory was created in 1995, specializing in chemical communication within the living world. In 2010, Phérosynthèse became the Research Institute in Semiochemistry and Applied Ethology (IRSEA). By identifying chemical signals that play a role in the life of animals, it is possible to develop new therapeutic and zootechnical tools that respect man, animals, and the environment. The IRSEA’s research, materialized by over 200 international patent applications since its creation, is the object of numerous international scientific talks and publications.

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