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The manure drying system Compact dries manure efficiently. The uppermost tier has a larger inlet opening and thinner layer of manure, and the lowest tier has a small inlet opening with a thicker layer of manure. This approach results in faster manure drying and makes compact construction possible.

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Jansen Poultry Equipment

Jansen Poultry Equipment
Jansen Poultry Equipment was founded in 1986 by Mr A. H. Jansen for development and production of the first automatic laying nests. With his knowledge of technology and poultry, Mr Jansen succeeded in developing the most sought-after laying next. Today the company offers a wide range of poultry systems and has grown to become a flourishing international company with its headquarters located in the Netherlands.

The current vision of Jansen Poultry Equipment is still the same as it was when A. H. Jansen began the company. Optimal production results are inextricably tied to the behaviour, habits and health of the animals. New systems are developed with optimal utilization of the knowledge of technology and poultry available within the company. Product development goes hand in hand with research and intensive collaboration between poultry specialists and technical developers.
Our ultimate goal is to provide customers with systems that enable them to attain optimal production results. We...

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