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Moba Omnia PX Alerta

A product of MOBA B.V.

MOBA B.V. - Moba Omnia PX Price and Availability
Omnia PX
126,000 - 190,000 eggs/hour
350 - 530 cases/hour

Given the increasing demand for efficiency, hygiene and food safety, major steps have been taken within the industry, however, there comes a moment when something truly innovative is required to set a new standard. The new Omnia PX is a complete technological redesign that aims to accomplish the 3 most important goals when it comes to facilitating egg producers:

A cleaner machine in less time
Increased usability
More grade A

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The Moba Group is the world leading manufacturer of egg grading, packing and processing machines. Our headoffice is situated in Barneveld, the Netherlands. With development, manufacturing, sales and -most important- service in multiple locations it is the aim of Moba to offer global solutions and be close to its customers at the same time.

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