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The system is equipped with an internal automatic reference and a special light-source that allows two years of continuous operation without any hardware maintenance. A Diode Array base spectrometer is used due to its superior speed of measurement and unique ability to correctly acquire measurements of moving samples. This allows assessment of average process properties as well as homogeneity. The X-One system excels through: -Economy -Simple installation -Zero down-time -Suitable for any environment -No restrictions for field of use -Compact equipment

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NIR-Online GmbH is a privately held company with seat in SAP PartnerPort Walldorf Germany.

We have specialized in development, production, and distribution of On-line Near Infrared Systems. NIR-Online offers accurate calibrated instrumentation, efficient installation, system maintenance and superior support.

We supply On-line systems, custom designed to meet the requirements of our business partners. We offer the security and competitive edge you need to stay profitable in a more and more specialized highly competitive market-place.

Managing partner: BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

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