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Chicken shuttle

ChickenshuttleThrough the catching machine, the chickens are automatically placed on a conveyor-belt which leads them onto a shuttle, one by one. A full shuttle drives the poultry outside after which it is loaded into a special Peer System trailer.

The shuttle is equipped with an automatic weighing machine on which the operator can read out the weight of the animals loaded onto the shuttle. The shuttles are built low enough to also be able to drive into lower livestock stables.
With two shuttles, one is able to fully load the Peer System trailer within an hour with a maximum of 18,000 kg (39,683 lbs.) of poultry. This takes only three employees!

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Peer System: the efficient and animal-friendly solution for collecting, transporting and unloading poultry.

Quality and food safety are of significant importance for farmers, breeders and slaughterhouses. Therefore they operate according to strict standards and with great care for the animals. The latter  also matters to the conscious consumer we find nowadays: Poultry meat mustn't only be of the best quality, but also the circumstances in which the animals find hemselves while alive, have to be as good as possible.

Catching poultry is in many cases still done by hand, which makes it an intensive, heavy task for employees and creates very stressful situations for the animals. They panic and easily get damaged.

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