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Sustainable chicken takes flight!
Windstreek presents a major leap forward from existing farming systems. This is achieved through the application of natural principles in ventilation and air filtration, through extra space for natural chick behaviour, through maximum transparency for the public and through agreeable working conditions for the farmer. All this in an economically competitive set-up, even when utilisation rates are relatively low and organic broilers grow slowly.

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VDL Agrotech (member of VDL Groep) manufactures and supplies equipment for the intensive modern livestock industry, for 50 years. The product range comprises feeding and drinking systems, climate control and cooling and drying systems. VDL Agrotech is specialised in turnkey projects.

Specialist in engineering:
Engineering projects is our specialty. VDL Agrotech  designs, supplies and builds complete turnkey projects worldwide. From detailed engineering until complete erection of delivered equipment. All projects are designed in accordance with the local climatical circumstances to best meet the needs of the customer. The erection of the project is done under the supervision of a VDL Agrotech skilled supervisor, who takes care of correct erection and installation of delivered equipment. The supervisor always works together with a local group of technicians to ensure correct installation and train a local crew of technicians for maintenance of the delivered equipment.


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