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VOLITO VALEGO - Aviaries and nest for laying hens Alerta

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The Valego TDE nest system is a nest system specially designed for breeders. A Torque Drive Expulsion system with a movable panel ensures that all hens are safely and reliably expelled from the nest. The Valego TDE nest system can be configured with options to fit specific requirements and dimensions. Valego nest systems are based on smart Click and Fix for connection of the nest walls which provides a robust system and shortens installation and allows for easy maintenance. Durable and high-quality materials provide for long life and reliable operation.

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Volito is specialized in the delivery of flexible, animal friendly poultry systems and smart, innovative solutions for the production of consumption eggs, hatching eggs and rearing hens. 
Volito products are differentiated by their simplicity and quality. The user friendly systems are designed to ensure excellent overview and good poultry control possibilities. The open structure with several tiers is characteristic for the Volito aviary systems. This layout allows the birds to carry out their natural behavior by jumping between the floors. The possibility to perform natural behavior results in healthy animals and excellent production results.

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