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Results prove that Max3 Drinkers from Ziggity consistently produce execptional bird performance: including weight, feed conversion, liveability and undergrades. These advanced drinkers delever all the hygienic water birds need to ensure dry litter and keep birds healthy.

It’s simple.
Usage = consumption + spillage.
A water meter measures usage — the amount of water that goes into a house. However, nothing measures how much of that water birds actually
consume and how much spills or evaporates. Understanding this principle and fine-tuning the management of the watering system accordingly
provides the best opportunity for achieving exceptional bird and litter performance.

Birds drink by pecking the trigger pin.
Flow rate measuring tools, by design, gauge the volume of water a drinker discharges when the trigger pin is held vertically open for a minute.
In reality, birds do not push and hold open the trigger pin and guzzle water. They peck. Therefore, drinkers have to provide all the water birds need in
the way they actually drink — and most important, no more water than they can hold in their beaks. Discharging the right amount of water means
birds achieve the best performance in weight, feed conversion, mortality and condemnations. And floors stay dry.

Litter conditions tell all.
Litter readings provide the information you need to get excellent bird performance. Here’s why: Litter conditions under the water lines indicate if the drinkers are discharging too much, too little or just the right amount of water. If too much water comes out each time the bird pecks — more water than their beaks can hold — the litter gets wet. And this creates an unhealthy, ammonia-ridden environment. Too little discharge can mean your birds will not achieve maximum weight. The key is to supply the right amount of water throughout the entire production cycle. And that will lead to maximum bird performance.

Dry litter benefits broiler producer and integrators.
Keeping litter dry leads to many advantages:

  • Increases average bird weights.
  • Reduces heating and ventilation costs.
  • Lowers medical costs.
  • Decreases mortality.
  • Improves feed conversion rates.
  • Lowers condemnation rates.
  • Allows growouts with reduced or no
  • antibiotic use.
  • Improves bird environment and welfare.

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Ziggity Systems Inc.

Ziggity Systems Inc.
Performance matters at Ziggity Systems. Performance of your birds as well as your poultry watering system.
As the poultry watering specialists, we are dedicated to helping you improve performance through customer-focused service, education and innovative products for broiler, breeder/parent stock, egg and turkey poultry operations worldwide.

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