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After farming… let’s start processing!

Considering that egg processing is not only reserved for investors, ACTINI has launched an entry-level line. Designed for a capacity of 8,000 eggs per hour, the OVOCOMPACT® small line is perfectly suited to egg producers who wish to embark on this growing market represented by egg products.

This self-contained unit combines all the necessary equipment to produce high quality pasteurized egg.

With the OVOCOMPACT®, you can:
-process downgraded eggs and turn them into a safe pasteurized product with high added value
-diversify your business and work with food manufacturers whose needs in raw material are increasing
-or simply expand your product by using it as a secondary line for an additional activity of organic egg products production for instance

Pre-tested in our factory, this all-inclusive line is within the reach of small budgets, including those of small producers, with immediate profitability and return on investment.

The OVOCOMPACT® is the ideal solution to get started without fear.

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