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Adisseo France SAS has developed the product Selisseo® which is an original, pure and chemically defined molecule of HMSeBA (R,S-2-hydroxy-4-methylselenobutanoic acid): a reliable source of organic selenium. Compared to already existing products available in the market, Selisseo® is different because it is a source of pure organic selenium, reliable, stable, and easy-to-use and 100% efficient for animal nutrition.
Selisseo® allows supplying selenium to synthetize selenocysteine necessary for anti-oxidant selenoproteins such as glutathion peroxidase, thus strengthening the anti-oxidant capacities of the animals. It is also a source of selenomethionine, as form of reserve of selenium in animal tissues.
Selisseo® is authorized in EU since May 2013 (reference 3b814) as source of organic selenium in premix and feeds for all animal species. It is developed either as solid containing 5% HMSeBA and 95% carrier (silica), thus supplying 2% selenium or as liquid, containing 5% HMSeBA in water. As solid powder, its optimal particle size, as well as its absence of fines, guarantees a complete mixing and safety when manipulating the product. Its original process based on selenium and hydroxy-methionine ensures the reliable production of a pure molecule. Selisseo® is also stable in all conditions of feed preparation, including thermal treatment as used in breeder feeds, or extrusion as used in pet foods and aqua feeds.

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Adisseo, a subsidiary of the BlueStar International group, is a worldwide expert in animal nutrition, combining the excellence and quality of its know-how in a complete line of additives and services. The reference partner for our customers and a historic innovator in our industry, Adisseo and its employees improve animal production performances.
The controlled quality of our products and industrial processes makes Adisseo a major actor in improving the food chain while protecting animals, humans and the environment.

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