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This brown-egg laying hybrid which is internationally popular by virtue of its black feathers originates from America. Its egg producing capacity is excellent especially under small scale farming conditions.

The economy of egg production can also be improved by regular control and adjustment of the following factors:
* biological security and hygienic conditions
* clean drinking water
* effective draft free ventilation
* strictly controlled feeding program
* proper beak-trimming
* appropriate body weight
* precise vaccination program
* proper lighting program

Since our Harco breed performs very well even under extensive management conditions and tolerates incidental minor deficiencies of feeding and/or technology it is recommended also for "backyard" farms.
Please find more details about the profitable management of the Bábolna Harco in our booklet "Raising and Egg-Production Technology" enlisting detailed recommendations about the raising period, and the egg production period, interrelation of feeding and body weight, the lighting program, and the veterinary program as well as the performance features.

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Bábolna TETRA Kft. is a privately owned poultry breeding company principally involved with layer breeding.
Bábolna Rt. and its predecessors have worked in this business more than 40 years but TETRA was privatized in 2004.
Babolna Tetra Kft. conducts its research and production in facilities in and around Bábolna and Uraiújfalu in western Hungary.
Our head office and hatchery can be found in Uraiújfalu as well.
We hope, this webpage helps introduce you to our company, our products and activites that we are involved in to provide our customers with poultry of the highest genetic capability and maximum biological purity.

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