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In many regions of the world, the successful keeping of livestock is very challenging. Insufficient energy supply and permanently increasing prices for electricity and diesel make an economic operation difficult. These obstacles are no longer insurmountable with our innovative SUNFarm and POWERBox.
Solar energy is free. Our extremely scalable, modular system lets you use this energy source to supply your farm reliably and securely with energy – even if you operate off grid. And best of all: Where the energy requirements for a good house climate are the highest due to high solar irradiation, the system amortizes the quickest.

The intelligent photovoltaic system
Your livestock buildings are connected to the mains, but you want to reduce your energy costs permanently? SUNFarm helps you achieve just that. We will install modern solar panels on your buildings. These panels also reduce the cooling loads thanks to the shadow they create. Intelligent load management connects the photovoltaic system with the technology inside the barn. You can use the generated solar power directly in the barn. As an option, any surplus can either be buffered in lithium-ion batteries or fed into the mains.

Full steam ahead
If your farm is often affected by blackouts or if no mains supply is available at all, our POWERBox is the perfect solution. In addition to the solar panels, we will install a compact container with lithium-ion batteries, two gensets and an intelligent control unit. With this system, you no longer have to depend on the public grid. Thanks to additional backup technology, energy supply for the essential functionalities of the barn can be ensured permanently. At the same time, the use of cost-efficient solar power reduces the amortization period.

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