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OX-AGUA 2nd Generation Alerta

A product of OX-CTA -Water Treatments Company

OX-CTA -Water Treatments Company - OX-AGUA 2nd Generation Price and Availability
An exclusive water disinfectant certified for the treatment of drinking water. 
Specially formulated to eliminate, prevent and control biofilm formation.
100% biodegradable.

Complies with UNE standard 902:2009, type I (Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human and animal consumption. Hydrogen peroxide), in an accredited laboratory.
Registered with Ministry of Health (11-20/40-04130 y 11-20/40-04130 HA).
Presentation: Available in 5- and 20-kg bottles, drum (200 kg) and IBC (1,150 kg).
Efficacy: UNE-EN standards 1276, 1650, 1656, 1657.13697.

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OX-CTA -Water Treatments Company

OX-CTA -Water Treatments Company
OX Group is a leading business group whose main activities are centred on the development, implementation and management of Integrated Biosafety Solutions. Its growth is based on R+D+I+A (research + development + innovation + application of the innovation), the maximisation of human capital and internationalisation. The Group's main activities are based around: R+D: By way of its own researchers and in collaboration with external experts in joint R+D+I projects.

INNOVATION AND ITS APPLICATION: The development of unique products and patented technologies in the field of special disinfections.

MANUFACTURING: with commitments based on safety, health protection and caring for the environment.

PRODUCT MARKETING the very latest, highly stable and effective.

APPLICATION OF TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS with confirmed and guaranteed results.

LABORATORY to control all the activity's cycle and as an external treatment and services control provider in the fields of waters, food, the environment...

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