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Unique oval pan feeding system for broilers

Fantastic start up of day-olds
  • A low pan edge for easy access to the feed.
  • The large feeding surface offers optimal eating comfort. 360° flooding keeps the HaiKoo-pan full of feed.
  • The special grill design keeps young birds out of the pan from 10 days onwards.
  • With feed slots to attract birds.

Excellent control over feed costs
  • The unique, patented, HaiKoo-pan with high anti-waste rim eliminates practically all feed waste, even from day one.
  • The control unit ensures a fast and frequent delivery of fresh feed,leading to superior hygiene and outstanding feed conversion rates.
  • Handy feed level adjustment ring.
  • The deep feed trough in the pan keeps feed central.
  • The special cone wings prevent birds from flicking the feed.

1140 mm of feeding space
  • Offers up to 14% more birds per pan than most standard broiler pans.
  • Ideal for heavy broilers.
  • Ideal for controlled growth through light scheme feeding, mealtimefeeding and restricted feeding.
  • Ideal for increasing the stocking density without having to add feeder lines (e.g. when switching to tunnel ventilation and pad cooling).

Easy to clean and durable
  • Open structure with a smooth, closed rim for easy cleaning witha high pressure cleaner.
  • Hinged pan. Made of highly durable plastics to resist all commonly usedcleansing agents.
  • A 10-year-warranty (*) on the pans and augers. (* Degressive warranty)

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