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STAALKAT Ardenta 300 Alerta

A product of Sanovo Technology Group

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The STAALKAT Ardenta 300 egg grading and packing machine is a high capacity machine, designed to meet the highest sanitary requirements in tough environments. 
The STAALKAT Ardenta 300 is a complete new design and a host of design changes are made that significantly reduces the time consumed with cleaning, contributing even more to realise the lowest cost per graded and packed egg. 
Every corner of the STAALKAT Ardenta 300 is very accessible and constructed from first quality materials, all with the clear purpose to keep maintenance to a minimum and maximising efficiency.
Equipped with the new “Egg-it Touch” software the STAALKAT Ardenta 300 is an extremely user-friendly grading and packing machine.

108.000 eggs per hour (300 cases)

Blood detection system
Leaker detection system
Crack detection system, washable
Dirt detection system
UVC disinfection unit
Active roller Cleaning System
Automatic tray stackers, type SX-40
Automatic closers
Integration stamping, labelling and other complementary equipment
Integration with automatic process behind the packing lanes
Possibility for colour sorting

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