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Single Thigh Deboner Alerta

A product of Dutch Poultry Technology

Dutch Poultry Technology - Single Thigh Deboner Price and Availability

  • Semi-automatic thigh deboner for deboning up to 300 thighs per hour (depending on operator skill and product characteristics);

  • Based on the industry tested and proven “diaphragm” principle: thigh is placed on a diaphragm (rubber disc with a hole in it) while a metal shaft extrudes downwards to push the bone out of the thigh. The disc retains the meat, while the bone is pushed through the hole in the disc.

  • In this process almost all meat is stripped off the bone, meaning minimal meat loss during deboning;

  • Discs with various hole sizes are available to debone thighs of various sizes;

  • Machine requires compressed air to run (air compressor sold separately)

  • Optional deboning table with ergonomic switch to operate the machine which keeps the hands of the operator free to handle the thighs.

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Dutch Poultry Technology
DUTCH POULTRY TECHNOLOGY B.V. is a Dutch manufacturing and engineering company specialized in the design, manufacturing and installation of cost-effective, reliable, easy to install and operate poultry processing solutions for processing 500 – 6000 birds per hour.
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